Birth doula

A birth doula’s role

A professional trained to provide emotional, physical and educational support to individuals and families throughout pregnancy and labor.

Why a birth doula?

Birth doula’s have been directly correlated with reducing the need for interventions during birth. Doula’s help the birthing person maintain a sense of control, comfort and confidence.

What you can expect

  • Unlimited text and email support during the month of delivery
  • Two in person visits
  • Support day of labor
  • One follow up visit

Our in person visits will review your birth plan as well as cover labor techniques. My follow up visit will be to check on the well being of you and baby and to provide you with any additional resources you may need.

In my work, I use affirmations, visualization techniques and energy exchange to help empower the mother. I also utilize the power of essential oils to aid in pain management and to encourage the birthing process when things become stagnant.

In our last in person visit, we will create a vision board for your pregnancy. This is a useful tool in serving as a visual reminder of the experience you wish to have. This vision board can be displayed while you labor or something you look at on your own time leading up to the big day!