About me


Anja is a wife, and a mother of two beautiful girls, Summer and Violet. Anja has had a passion for pregnancy and childbirth since she was a little girl. Her mother recalls her expressing the desire to have children at a very early age and thought it was simply, just a phase. To her surprise, Anja’s passion only grew.

Anja believes that her experience of being a woman has groomed her for the role of doula and future midwife. Anja’s service honors your journey and together she taps into the deeper power of women. Birthing is as natural as breathing. Her mission is to ensure that every mom is confident in their body’s ability. She believes that pregnancy and birth is both transcendent and empowering which elevates us to an even more powerful dimension of womanhood.

As a coach, Anja will ignite your passion for your life. She believes that anything is possible and with the right tools and guidance, living your purpose will be effortless. Anja coaches from the perspective of your thoughts create your reality. Her coaching techniques will help you shift your perspective and rewrite the stories you have been telling.