1×1 Coaching

“Live in Possibility” is the motto for my life and the energy I take into my coaching. I believe our thoughts create our reality. There is nothing that we can’t achieve once our thoughts are aligned with our vision. We each were born with unique talents and abilities. We need you to live out your purpose. Rumi said, “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” Let me fan the flames of your life through individual coaching.

My coaching supports:

  • goal setting
  • personal growth through affirmations, visualization techniques and other methods
  • behavior modification- rewriting the self limiting stories you tell yourself

If you are unclear on the vision you have for your life, or you know what you want but have no clue where to start, I offer a 3 month coaching package. What you can expect:

  • Creating a clear and concise vision
  • Setting objectives
  • Setting goals that are specific and defined to help manifest the vision you have created
  • Evaluating the outcome of the tasks
  • Providing structured questions
  • Bi- weekly meetings and weekly check ins
  • Making you aware of your progress

If you are already walking in your purpose but you need assistance on fine tuning your goals, guidance and motivation, I offer single sessions.